We represent the investment office of a European family and have no fixed investment period. We prefer to create value over the longer term by reinvesting cash flow while avoiding excessive leverage.


We work actively with existing management teams recognizing that long-term business success is the result of a team effort. Dorilton views its role as providing additional capital for acquisitions and growth projects and support and expertise to take its companies to the next level.


We partner with companies that are led by strong management teams and have a successful history and culture. We firmly believe in our companies continuing with the elements that have made them successful.

Clay Savoy

CEO of Versa Integrity Group

Dorilton has been a great investment partner since we joined forces. Their strategy is not to be intrusive to the business, only to support the business through optimization and growth. They truly listen to their management teams that run the portfolio businesses because they know their business the best. From a shareholder’s perspective, they are a great equity partner."

Bryan Wolfe

CEO of Traditions Health

Dorilton has been an incredible partner for Traditions Health. They have continually reinvested in our company’s growth allowing us to expand from two offices when we first partnered to fifteen offices today."

Mike Carter


Dorilton has designed itself to provide services to help us grow our company. We routinely leverage the expanding services and vast experience of the Dorilton team, and in doing so, increase and amplify our capabilities. They are a steady partner focused on long term value creation and are aligned with our Mission, Vision and Values."

Alan Blakeney

CFO of Traditions Health

Having just recently joined Traditions Health, I recognize that having Dorilton at my disposal makes a world of difference. They save me hours every week and add an extra level of professionalism to our external interactions. The support they provide on M&A, identifying and managing banking relationships, and other value added tasks allows me to focus on analyzing trends and growing the business.”